Monday, 4 April 2011



  • Click insert→ choose table→ choose 4x4 table.
  •   The explanation at below will display like that:

  •    Highlight the up row, column 2&3→ click right, choose Merge Cells→ type “Maybank berhad”→click home→change case,choose Capitalize Each Word→ center.
  •  Highlight the row of 2,column 2&3→ click right,choose Merge Cells→ type “(Damansara Branch)”→click home→change case,choose Capitalize Each Word →center.
  •   Add the column→ click insert→ table,insert the table. The number of columns is 4 and number of rows is 26.          

  • The row of 3 and column of 4→ type “Date”,choose Capitalize Each Word→ Aligh Text Right..
  • Type “MCA07”,highlight →click home→ Change Case,choose UPPERCASE→ center.
  • Highlight  column 3&4,click right ,choose Merge cells→ type “Statement Customer Copy”,highlight →Change Case→Capitalize Each Word→Aligh Text Right.
  • Alternate a rows,highlight column 1&2→click right,choose merge cells→type “epc computer sdn bhd”→highlight ,change case→choose UPPERCASE.
  • Highlight column 3&4→click right, choose merge cells→type “account no.”,highlight→change case→Capitalize Each Word→Aligh Text Right.
  • Then highlight column 1&2,and row 8&9→click right,choose merge cells→type the address,highlight→change case→Capitalize Each Word.

  • Column 1 and row 10→type “date”, ”transaction description”, “transaction amount” and “balance”.
  • Highlight column 1 and row 10→change case,choose Capitalize Each Word→center.
  • Type of detail about date, transaction description, transaction amount and balance.
  • Highlight items of the date,click center→ then highlight all details of transaction amount and balance→Aligh Right.
  • Highlight row total of debit and credit items→ click the center.

  • Highlight row 1 until 9→ bottom border→choose no border→choose outside border.

  • Highlight row 10 until 27→bottom border→choose no border→choose outside border→choose inside vertical border.


The conclusion, a subject Computer Application this, we can get learning ways for applied computer with detail at period future. Moreover, what we are learning, will be a practical by our in this study period future. Besides that  learning and get a application this subject in a carier. We will make this table with more details and regular step to by step already given. However, we can ability make a table, add the number of rows and columns and add the border. At this assignment too, we already making this step with a detail for make this table for we reference in a period future.Finally ,this subject,we will get in addition knowledge about computer application.

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